Do you know the common problems of girl bras?

Bra shopping ranks up there with visiting the dentist or waxing your Bikinis Sets. We get it. The sizing is tricky. Bras fit differently from one brand to the next. You never really know how comfortable a particular bra will feel until you wear it. Some substances feel like sandpaper under your shirt. Others do not allow you to breathe. Bras are a necessary evil in the area of beauty. And we’re about to do just that for the Maidenform brand. When you’re done reading our frequently asked questions about Maidenform bras, you’ll know exactly how to purchase your next bra. Maidenform offers a wide range of comfortable, supportive bras, whether you are slipping into that little black dress or lounging in your favorite t-shirt. If you are unsure about sizing, curious about coverage or need to know more about the structure, these Maidenform FAQs will provide you the info that you need. We curated all of the best answers from many different sources, for instance, official Maidenform site and testimonials from actual Maidenform customers.


Question: what are your bra measurements? Maidenform bra dimensions include two components: the band size and the cup size. The ring is represented by a number, while the cup size is represented by a letter. The band size corresponds to the measurement around the body. The cup size is calculated by finding the difference between the dimension below the bust and the measurement across the fullest aspect of the breasts. Truth in both facets of the dimensions is crucial to having a comfortable fit with a bra that seems flattering beneath your clothes.


Do not just guess or go by what you believe you should wear. A lot of women receive the sizing wrong. In fact, up to 64 percent of girls might be wearing the wrong size, according to one study. And a number of other industry experts agree. About 18 percent of women get the band size wrong, about 22 percent get the cup size wrong and about 40% miss the mark on both the ring size and the cup size. Question: do you have a size guide available? If one of the Maidenform bra FAQs is about a size guide, we have you covered. The dimensions manual covers both the band measurement and also the cup measurement to guarantee you get the very best fit no matter what kind of Maidenform bra you select. Before you obtain a Maidenform bra, then you need to take accurate measurements. Follow these steps to get your bra band measurement: Grab a flexible tape measure. These are available inexpensively in craft stores. If you do not have one, use a bit of string and measure it using a ruler or yard stick. Simply mark the place on the string, and put the chain along the ruler to calculate the dimension. Put on a non-padded bra with no special features like a cutting edge bra or push bra. You would like your breasts as natural as possible to receive a precise measurement. Leave your top off for the dimension. The fabric gets in the way and can throw off your measurement.

  1. Place the string or flexible tape measure around your body at the level of your bra ring below your chest. It needs to be snug but not too tight. Make sure the measuring tape is level all the way around for a precise measurement. It’s often easier if you have someone help you to ensure the tape measure does not get twisted and stays even all the way around your body. Read the dimension on the tape measure, or use the ruler to have the length of the string. For instance, if your measurement was 33 inches, then you’d add 5 inches to get 38 inches. Go up to the next even number in case your final number is odd, as Maidenform bras just come in even band sizes. So if your calculation was a 35, you would go up to a ring size of 36. This measurement should be the final number you calculated after adding 5 for a previous dimension. In the case above, the true measurement over the bust and just beneath the underarms should be 38 inches. Next, you need to take measurements to calculate your cup size.
  2. Set the tape measure or rope around your body at the fullest part of your breasts. Make sure the tape measure is flat throughout your body. Hold the tape from the bust, but do not pull it too tight.
  3. Read the dimension on the tape measure, or hold the string against the ruler to have the dimension. Round this number to the nearest inch measurement. If the dimension was 41.5 inches, then you would round up to 42 inches.
  4. Subtract the ring measurement which you calculated first from the bust measurement you just took. The solution corresponds with the correspondence indicating cup size. For example, if your group measurement was 38 and your bust measurement was 42 inches, the difference could be four inches. This gap corresponds to a cup size of D, so your correct bra size could be 38 D. 1-inch difference = A 2-inch difference = B 3-inch gap = C 4-inch difference = D 5-inch difference = DD 6-inch gap = F 7-inch gap = G 8-inch difference = H 9-inch gap = I Query: gets the sizing altered? In product reviews, some individuals have reported that the sizing for some styles of Maidenform bras has transformed in recent years. Some clients report the exact same size of bra is currently fitting tighter and covering less of the breast than it’s had in the past. In these cases, folks reported ordering a bigger cup size solved the issue and led to a much better fit. As mentioned in the bra dimensions section, if your measurements land in an even number or between inches, round until the next size to guarantee a great fit. Question: how can your bras match? Particular fit issues frequently appear as a Maidenform FAQ. Most clients report that Maidenform bras match as expected or true to size, based on Amazon reviews of the goods. A small percentage of clients report the dolls fit marginally smaller than anticipated. Keep in mind that the kind of bra can affect the way the bra covers the breasts. Some styles are meant to cover less of the breast, while others provide full protection, which might affect how you are feeling that the bra fits. Before we get to the Maidenform bra match manual, let us discuss the way the bra should fit. You’ll find a great deal of bras that don’t fit well. They don’t feel right. They look horrible under clothing. Or they smash your breasts. Whatever the situation may be, you simply know it isn’t a good fit. So what if you look for in a bra fit? Here are some basics of how a bra should look a feel: If your breasts spill out, the bra you are wearing is too small. Puckering or gapping in the cup area signifies the bra is too large for you. The ring crosses your spine in a reduced, even line. The ring should sit below the bust straight across the back. If you can’t slide a finger under the band because it’s so tight, then you need to go up a size. In the event the band rises up in the trunk, your bra is likely too big. The center element between the cups is located flat. You don’t feel that the underwire pressing into your rib cage. The straps feel comfy and don’t dig into your shoulders. If you’ve adjusted the straps as much as possible and they slip down, your bra is probably too big. When the straps dig into your shoulders, then the bra may be too small. Even with the correct sizing, a few bra manufacturers simply don’t fit comfortably. When you follow our Maidenform bra size guide to pick the correct dimensions, your new bra will fit just as it needs to: smooth cups, an even band, a level centre and comfortable straps that won’t dig into your shoulders or slide off. Question: what type of policy do your favorites supply? Maidenform bra questions that come up about policy can have multiple answers, because the bras come in different styles, each having a different amount and type of coverage. This range of coverage provides you choices to find the perfect bras for all your favourite outfits. Maidenform even makes dolls ideal for low-cut or strapless dresses or tops. Here are some fashions along with also the corresponding quantity and type of policy of Maidenform bras: Demi Cup Bra: This design of Maidenform bra offers a deep V cut so it does not show if you wear low-cut or wide-neck shirts. The straps are also broad set so they won’t show when you put on a wide neckline. The heavy V signifies less coverage to the upper breast area. T-shirt Bra: As its name implies, this bra is perfect under a t-shirt or other clingy material. It comes with a smooth and seamless cup with a lining that will not show through the shirt. Strapless Bra: The strapless style of Maidenform bras works nicely for strapless tops or tops with thin straps. A number of the strapless Maidenform bras provide full coverage. This permits you to get the amount of support you want with no bra straps showing. Extra Coverage: Several forms of Maidenform bras come in additional coverage. The coverage on this bra is much more than the demi cup but maybe not as much as a full-coverage bra. It gives you one more choice to get just the right amount of coverage. What type of material do you use to make your bras and underwear? Maidenform bra material is high-quality and is made for a comfortable fit and long-lasting wear. Most of the Maidenform bras are made from a mix of nylon and elastane, which can be another phrase for spandex. This mixture provides durability from the nylon with just enough comfy stretch to fit well and adjust to your system so that the strands seem great under clothes. Additional Maidenform bras utilize microfiber from the building. Microfiber is a synthetic substance featuring ultra-fine filaments tightly knit together, which results in a very smooth, soft cloth. Microfiber bras also breathe well, so you keep cool while wearing them.

Elastic straps Maidenform bras give you the most comfortable fit. The elastic straps fit well so they don’t slip off the shoulder. The metal construction lends durability into the bra closure so you can count on it to maintain wear after wear. The correcting mechanics on the bra straps are typically manufactured from the same durable, coated metal. Some of those bras feature padding in the cup. Maidenform panties is also made from nylon and elastane. This produces the underwear soft and comfy with a fantastic fit. Question: what type of underwire do exactly the bras have? The Maidenform bra underwire is made from a flexible wire in the bottom of the cup to optimize both comfort and support. Typically, the underwire is plush-backed or cushion-tipped therefore it does not poke through the bra and also lead to discomfort. Some designs of Maidenform bras feature an underwire embedded into the foam cup for extra comfort without sacrificing some of their support. As a result of contemporary design technology, underwire bras are more comfortable than ever before. The Maidenform underwire bra is as often as comfy as a wire-free bra. Query: where would be your bras sold? Maidenform bras are available at most major retailers, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. You can also receive a wide choice of Maidenform intimates right here in VF Outlet. You’ll receive low rates for a fantastic value on your Maidenform purchase, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house. Simply take your own measurements in the privacy of your house, and utilize the Maidenform sizing chart to figure out the best match for you. Then find the Maidenform style that fits your requirements and your wardrobe. Explore Maidenform With accurate measurements and a style that fits your wardrobe needs, you have the tools to select just the right Maidenform bra. Now that you are a specialist, head on over to VF Outlet’s Maidenform section to find the ideal bras, underwear and other intimates.

Beautiful fashion sexy bikini swimsuit recommended

Beautiful fashion sexy bikini swimsuit is recommended. Bikini is the most common item of many friends. Today I will share several suitable bikinis according to different types. Fashion sexy bikini swimsuit one:
This swimsuit uses a round neck design that can modify the neck line. No steel ring style cut, comfortable to wear and not tight. Embellished with printed patterns, highlighting the charm of the brand. The style of the sling reveals the sexy collarbone and adds a bit of sexy charm. The split version design easily outlines the feminine and charming posture of women. Fashion sexy bikini swimsuit 2:
This lady swimsuit set uses a sling design to reveal the sexy clavicle. Lace lace adorn the cup, looming sexy and charming. The split version is tailored to outline a graceful and charming posture curve. The design of the ruffled skirt is more elegant and romantic, showing the feminine elegance. Fashion sexy bikini swimsuit three: This womens swimsuit uses a colorblock design, which can well show the unique personality of women. The embellishment of the elements of the cross straps not only enriches the overall sense of hierarchy, but also adds a bit of sensuality. The split version cuts out, and it also outlines the graceful posture curve, showing the elegant and charming temperament.

Summarize a collection of general knowledge of female underwear health.

On the one hand, women’s underwear brings beautiful and sexy to women, on the other hand, it also brings many unfavorable factors to women’s health. Good underwear can help women’s breast health, but bad underwear may cause great harm to women. Summing up a general knowledge of women’s underwear health.
Too small a cup is very harmful. When choosing girls beautiful underwear, there is an unwritten rule that Ning Da should not be small, but Ning Song should not matter. If the cup is too small, the breast will be tightened too tightly. This will cause the blood vessels and lymph tissue in the breast to be compressed, resulting in poor blood flow and blocked lymphatic circulation. In the long run, the breast will have such problems. Health has a very adverse effect.
The cup is too large, and the breast is easily deformed. When choosing underwear, the cup is too small. If the cup is too large, there are many adverse effects on the breast. For example, the cup is too large to provide the necessary support for the breasts, which may result in the breasts not receiving strong support, causing the breasts to deform, and causing a very adverse impact on the beauty and sexy of women.

The perfect match for swimwear and tops

Having a beautiful Bikinis Sets is the least respect for the beach and the beach, but if you think that you can only wear a bikini at the beach and by the pool, you are wrong. Now bikinis and swimwear are out of the street, This is the trend this year.

Now many fashionistas and travel bloggers have taken photos of seaside vacations. They put a cool blouse on the outside of the bikini. The blouse not only can protect the sun, but also shows beautiful legs; sharp weapon, this is the effect of wearing only a bikini Is completely different.


Wearing a lady Swimwear Cover Ups, this kind of collocation is for the foodies who have eaten for a year. The meat on the belly can be perfectly covered by the loose blouse, so that the combination of strengths and shortcomings can never be wrong.

If the swimsuit is an eye-catching weapon, then the smock is the “God protects the Dafa”. If you are a conservative Girl, the first time you wear the swimsuit is shy and embarrassed, the swimsuit can help you digest without a trace, making you confident and Beautiful walk on the beautiful sea.


For a cutie with a body shape of five to five, a swimsuit cannot give a visual aesthetic, but it is easy to make people feel short and without long legs. At this time, it is necessary to choose a long gauze blouse Lengthen the overall visual effect for you.

Review: ColieCo Alexa Bra & Custom Amy Knickers

Review: ColieCo Alexa Bra & Custom Amy Knickers

Review: ColieCo Alexa Bra & Custom Amy Knickers

Disclosure: I purchased this set myself. Links with a * are affiliate links.

My previous blog post was all about ColieCo, so now seemed like a good time to review the set I bought from this brand earlier in the year.  An independent label that I’ve been following for a couple of years, it’s headed up by designer Nicole Neaber and is sustainably-handmade in Portugal. What really draws me to the brand though is the aesthetic; ColieCo is all about prints, and there are so many of them that I adore.

Many of the pieces in ColieCo’s Etsy store* are available in a whole range of fabrics, not just the one shown on the model. This Alexa soft-cup bra* comes in a choice of sixteen! There’s probably no print type I love more than a realistic and detailed floral, and the one you’re seeing here is option 4 on the list. The Amy knickers* were a custom order as they usually come in lace, but I really wanted an ouvert design like that one to match the bra. There was no additional charge for the fabric change, or the fact both pieces were made to measure.


Guys, I love these knickers! You all know I love a strappy design, and the cheeky, bum-revealing back of these is just so fun to wear. They are definitely the standout piece of this set for me, and I want to own them in a whole bunch of different prints.

Speaking of which, the digital floral print is everything I expected it to be. It’s super detailed and full of colour. The way Neaber has arranged the panels on the bra, there are lots of yellows on one cup and more whites on the other. I like it like that – it makes the blooms feel even more organic. Looking at this lingerie set laid flat, there’s absolutely nothing I would change about it.

Verdict: 10 / 10


ColieCo lingerie is handmade in Neaber’s studio, and she’s clearly experienced at sewing – both pieces are neatly and securely sewn together. The knickers, though ouvert, are not crotchless and have an organic cotton lining at the gusset. The rest of the fabric is unlined, but it’s super soft and comfy.

The bra is wireless and lightly lined. The lower two sections of the cups are backed by soft foam; the top section is lined with powernet. There are flexible plastic bones at either side to help the bra hold its shape, and it fastens with a metal swan hook on a narrow band of adjustable elastic. It’s overall well-made, and comfortable to wear.

Verdict: 9 / 10


ColieCo offers standard size options, but welcomes requests for custom sizing too. Both of my pieces were made to measure. For the knickers, I sent over my waist, high hip and low hip measurements and also requested that she make the adjustable straps at the back a tad longer, just to make totally sure they weren’t going to cut in. I needn’t have worried as they sit flat on my skin with a couple of inches of length to spare. The knickers fit perfectly at the waistband too.

Unfortunately the fit of the bra is not quite so ideal. The band has been made to my full underbust measurement (26″) whereas I would have expected it to be a bit shorter, stretching to 26″ for a firm fit. Most of my other bras measure 22-24″ unstretched for comparison. This one rides up at the back, and I’m planning to remove the adjustable elastic section to shave a couple of inches off.

I should also point out that the thick, horizontal strip of padding in the Alexa bra has a very flattening effect. I think that’s just how it’s supposed to fit (rather than it being the wrong size), but it’s not my favourite look! I chose this bra because I thought the seaming would give it some depth, but in hindsight I wish I’d gone for something wired or unlined instead.

Verdict: 6 / 10


I’ve already mentioned that both pieces were very well-constructed, and they haven’t deteriorated at all in the 8 or 9 weeks that I’ve had them. And the print is as vibrant as ever! I’ve been hand-washing the set as instructed on the label, but to me this feels like a set you could pop in the machine on a delicates cycle just fine (if you used a lingerie wash bag).

Verdict: 10 / 10

Value for Money

The Alexa bra* costs 38€ (~£33 / ~$45) and the Amy knickers* are 23€ (~£20 / ~$27). As noted earlier, there was no additional charge for customisation. I find ColieCo’s prices beyond reasonable for what you get – there’s a reason the brand has featured in my budget-friendly gift guides for the past two Christmasses running!

The set is expertly-made and uniquely-designed, and the fact I got to choose the fabric just makes it feel all the more special. Definitely worth every penny.

Verdict: 10 / 10

Overall, the bra could be a better fit, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it. I love the print and the design of the knickers far too much to let this set languish in my lingerie drawer! I would happily purchase from ColieCo* again, and probably will, but next time I’ll be trying a different style of bra.

Are you as much a fan of this floral print and the ouvert knickers as I am? Have you ever bought from ColieCo yourself?

Lingerie Review: Rosamosario Lace Bodysuit

Lingerie Review: Rosamosario Lace Bodysuit

Lingerie Review: Rosamosario Lace Bodysuit

Disclosure: Links with a * are affiliate links.

A slightly different kind of review today. Normally, I wouldn’t review something I’ve decided not to keep. I feel like you need to wear and wash a garment at least a few times before you can properly judge it. But ever so occasionally, I’ll get my hands very briefly on a piece of lingerie that is so special I want to write about it anyway, as was the case with my first ever Agent Provocateur Soirée purchase. So just bear that in mind that my opinion here is based on first impressions alone.

This bodysuit is from Rosamosario’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, though they currently have two similar products available. One is the Matrimonio All’Italiana bodysuit, a wired-cup piece with sheer mesh back and sides. There’s also the Jumeirah Crystals bodysuit which has the same, soft-cupped construction as the one I bought, but which is richly-encrusted with crystal beading. With those pieces retailing for 580€ and 1,080€ respectively, can you imagine my delight when I saw this one on clearance at Yoox for just £33*? (And it’s currently reduced further to £29 until the 29th!)

I’ll be honest, the design of this piece is not really my style. To me, it looks super vintage-y, both in shape and colour (it appears cream, beige or blush pink depending on the lighting). Mostly, I just bought it out of curiosity – it’s not every day a girl like me can afford lingerie by a brand that lists Kate Moss, Madonna and Rihanna amongst its clientele. But I was still hoping I’d be able to wear it.

Unfortunately, this bodysuit is clearly made for someone much taller than myself. I bought a size XS (UK 6-8 according to Rosamosario’s size chart) and it just wrinkles all over on me. Like, a lot. The cups especially were baggy, even with the straps shortened all the way in an attempt to pull them flat. So, yeah, this really needs to be worn on a taller body to get the whole thing lying taut and smooth. I’m 5’3 by the way. If you’re someone who struggles to find bodysuits that are long enough in the torso, you definitely shouldn’t have that issue here!

Otherwise, I was pretty impressed by the construction. The lace is entirely backed by sheer mesh, for strength and to avoid irritating the skin. And everywhere there’s a seam, including inside the cups, it has been completely enclosed by a strip of fabric sewn over the top. The zipper end and points where the straps join the back of the bodysuit are also topped with a little fabric ‘cushion’, albeit a little messily sewn at the straps. Clearly though, Rosamosario has made an effort to ensure this bodysuit is as comfortable to wear as possible. All of these details are time-consuming to add – you certainly won’t find them on a cheap or even mid-priced garment.

I don’t know how much this bodysuit retailed for – Yoox ‘before’ prices are not the original RRP – but based on similar Rosamosario designs, I’m going to put it at somewhere between 400€ and 600€. Brands such as Amoralle have bodysuits in that price range that are far more interesting to look at, but in my experience at least, the quality doesn’t match up to the price tag. Here, I was a little surprised to see a very cheap-looking, printed fabric content label inside, but otherwise it is beautifully made. Some brands simply look luxurious, Rosamosario truly is.

If you’re planning a purchase direct from Rosamosario and my review has left you worried about the fit, it’s worth noting that they do offer a made-to-measure service. But if you’re shopping on a much smaller budget then, provided you have a long torso, this is an incredible deal for £29! You can get it here* where only a few pieces remain in sizes XS and S.

What matters most to you when shopping for lingerie – looks, or construction quality? Are hidden details like the covered seams and strap ends here features you’d be willing to pay more for?

What is a Bralette Exactly?

What is a Bralette Exactly?

What is a Bralette Exactly?

If you follow me on Twitter and saw my thread on bralettes (or rather, bras) the other day then you’ve kind of already read this post. I just wanted to share it here for all of my blog readers too.

Ever since the explosion in bralette popularity, I’ve spotted more than a few brands labelling something as a bralette (also spelt bralet) when it’s clearly not. And it annoys me, because it spreads misinformation and confuses consumers about what a bralette really is. (I did a quick, very unscientific poll of 127 people over on Instagram and a quarter thought the items they were being shown were bralettes. They weren’t). Plus, for the customers who do know what a bralette is, it still makes it harder to find what they’re actually looking for. Different lingerie styles have different names for a reason!

So, exactly what is a bralette? And why do some brands insist on using the term for regular ol’ bras? Well first up, a bralette is a bra. It’s just a specific style of one. A bralette is a wireless bra that’s minimally-structured and usually unpadded. What do I mean by minimally-structured? You’re unlikely to find more than one seam on the cup of a bralette, sometimes even none. Seams are used for shaping and support, but without an underwire below the cup can’t really shape or lift your breast anyway.

When I think of bralettes personally, what usually comes to mind is a little triangle-cupped thing with thin straps and an ultra-narrow band, but they’re not all like that. Freya, Cosabella, Adore Me, Parfait and Addition Elle are just a few of the brands who’ve released bralettes for fuller figures. These offer wider bands and more coverage – perhaps don’t even have separate cups – but they’re still soft and wire-free.

Bralettes are almost certainly the biggest trend in lingerie right now, if they can even still be classed as a trend now that they’re so ubiquitous. And naturally brands want to profit from that. Most do it by, you know, actually making bralettes. But a handful take the lazy route, just sticking the word ‘bralette’ next to the wired bra they really want to sell you.

Not a bralette

Not a bralette

Not a bralette

Not a bralette (or even a ‘bra that gives you [the bralette] look’ as the description claims)

Not a bralette

So you add a longline and suddenly it’s a bralette? Nope.

Maybe they do this to make their product seem ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’. Or maybe it’s for SEO reasons, to lure people in who were searching Google for an actual bralette and then hoping they’ll buy something anyway. I can’t imagine that the highly-trained people designing these things (because it’s not little indie brands mislabelling bralettes, it’s big brands and high-street stores) really don’t know what a bralette is. Probably, the designers are not involved in naming the product online.

Almost without exception, the bras being mislabelled here are ones with a lacy, longline band. Why is that? I think it’s probably got something to do with the rise of ‘festival fashion’ and athleisure. The relaxed fit of a bralette goes hand in hand with these aesthetics, and they’ve been adopted as a type of crop top. Often, they’ll be ones with a longer band (it offers more coverage as outerwear) and for festivals especially, ones made from lace (it’s pretty to show off). Then somewhere along the line, brands started lumping all lacy, longline bras together in the same basket with bralettes.

But ‘bralette’ is not another name for a longline bra. It’s also not just a term for a bra you might want to wear as outerwear. It’s a lightweight, unstructured, wire-free version of a bra. So brands, please start naming your products correctly! And if people looking for a crop-top style piece is really your target market, why not just call them festival bras or bra tops? There are customers searching for those terms too.

THIS is a bralette. Vanessa by For Love & Lemons

This is also a bralette. Millie Lace by Figleaves.

This too. Pink Lace Raceback by Torrid.

What do you picture when you think of the word ‘bralette’? Did you think it meant a longline bra?

Lingerie I Love: ColieCo’s Leaf Knickers

Lingerie I Love: ColieCo’s Leaf Knickers

Lingerie I Love: ColieCo’s Leaf Knickers

Disclosure: Links with a * are affiliate links.

Okay, firstly, how cool do these Leaf knickers* by handmade, Portuguese brand ColieCo* look?! I’ve always had a thing for sumptuous, ruffly knickers (they are excellent for creating the illusion of bigger curves) but these ones are especially gorgeous. The rows of leaf-shaped cut-outs make them feel like something out of a fairytale – lingerie for a pixie or a wood elf. And the vibrant array of clashing colours and prints manage to work perfectly together.

But I’m not just featuring them because I think they’re pretty. I also love the reason that ColieCo decided to produce them. Designer Nicole Neaber wants her lingerie brand to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, for example by using fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, or end-of-roll pieces that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

The Leaf knickers are just an extension of this commitment to reducing waste, by taking the little off-cuts of fabric created in her own studio and turning them into something wearable. There will always be some fabric scraps generated in the lingerie-making process, but with the Leaf knickers, ColieCo is really keeping them to a minimum – at least for the scuba jersey fabrics these little leaves are made from.

The Leaf knickers have a plain mesh front, and are available in a choice of black or white. They come in sizes XS to XL (there’s a detailed size chart available to reference on the product page*), and cost a surprisingly low 25€ (~£22 / ~$30).

What do you enjoy most about these knickers, their eco creds or just the way they look? Have you ever purchased from ColieCo?

35 MORE Stylish, Modest Swimwear Options for Summer 2018

35 MORE Stylish, Modest Swimwear Options for Summer 2018

35 MORE Stylish, Modest Swimwear Options for Summer 2018

Disclosure: Links with a * are affiliate links.

Yay, it’s finally summer! Now that the weather is hotting up, my blog post on 35 stylish, modest swimwear options from 2016 is getting a bunch of hits again. However whilst some of those pieces are still available to buy, many are not. So I thought an updated, 2018 version of the list was in order.

Whether it’s to protect your skin from the sun, for religious reasons, or to boost your confidence by covering up parts of your body you’d prefer not to show, modest swimwear doesn’t have to be dowdy. Looking for a conservative swim piece that’s still chic and stylish? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Of course, there are different levels of modesty, and the options here range all the way from bikinis to full-body coverage. There are long-sleeved swimsuits, swim dresses, tunics and more. They’re ordered, roughly, from most to least amount of skin on show, so scroll on down until you find the level of coverage you’re looking for.

Boohoo Jessica Plus Size Bikini, £20 (~$27 / ~23€)*

Lime Ricki Lemon Rose Crop Top, reduced to $24.75 (~£19 / ~21€) + High-Waist Bottom, reduced to $14.75 (~£11 / ~13€)

Betty Felon Fashions Metallic Rainbow Tankini, CA$120 (~£70 / ~US$93 / ~80€)*

Sophie & Trey Long-Sleeve Striped Swim Top, $24.99 (~£19 / ~21€) + High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms, $14.99 (~£11 / ~13€)

Dashiki Dresses Gede II Long-Sleeve Bikini, reduced to $150.95 (~£113 / ~129€)

ASOS Graphic Palm Print Short-Sleeve Swimsuit, £35 (~$47 / ~40€)*

SWELL Castaway Short Sleeve Swimsuit, reduced to £31.99 (~$43 / ~36€)

Red Dolly Swimwear Boy-Short Swimsuit, $65 (~£49 / ~56€)*

Sunnyside Swimwear Black Tankini Top & Skirted Bottoms, $99.95 (~£75 / ~86€)*

Origami Customs High-Neck Swimsuit, CA$140 (~£82 / ~US$109 / ~93€)*

The Upside Animal Print Paddle Suit, £237 (~$316 / ~270€)*

Monki Long-Sleeved Swimsuit, £30 (~$40 / ~34€)*

SunHaze Floral Bouquet Surfsuit, AU$150 (~£85 / ~US$114 / ~97€)*

Protest Mojito Surfsuit, 69.99€ (~£62 / ~$82)*

Spot Surfwear Wild Rose Long-Sleeve Surf Suit, $128 (~£96 / ~110€)*

Roaman’s Plus Size Leopard Print Retro Halter Swimdress, from $64.99 (~£49 / ~56€)

Roaman’s Plus Size Swim Dress, reduced to $41.99 (~£32 / ~36€)

Sunnyside Swimwear Navy Sailor Long Swim Top, $69 (~£52 / ~59€)*

Indigo Exchange Swimdress With Boyshorts, $68 (~£51 / ~58€)

Red Dolly Swimwear Polka Dot One-Piece With Detachable Skirt, from $118 (~£89 / ~101€)*

Ella Mae Fashion White Flower Margaux Swim Top & Skort, reduced to $75 (~£56 / ~64€)

Hasema Swim Top & Leggings, reduced to ₺134 (~£22 / ~$29 / ~25€)

Roaman’s Plus Size Floral Swim Tunic, from $44.99 (~£34 / ~39€) + Long Swim Short, from $19.99 (£15 / ~17€)

Hasema 08 Laci Swim Tunic & Leggings, ₺229 (~£37 / ~42€ / ~$50)

Adasea 3077 Navy Floral Swim Tunic & Leggings, 67.50€ (~£59 / ~$79)*

Creations By Savannah Polka Dot Swim Dress With Cropped Leggings, from $115 (~£87 / ~98€)*

Modestly Yours Swim Tunic & Leggings, $84 (~£63 / ~72€)*

Aqua Modesta Style 2601 Swim Dress, $72 (~£54 / ~62€)*

Mayovera Half-Closed Swimwear With Pearls, 69€ (~£61 / ~$81)

Mayovera Gold Series Full-Body Swimsuit, 119€ (~£105 / ~$139)

Madamme BK Amélie Champagne Burkini, reduced to 98€ (~£86 / ~$115)

Nasira Marbella Anbar Full-Cover Swimsuit, reduced to 150€ (~£131 / ~$175)

East Essence Tropic Print Burkini, reduced to $66.99 (~£50 / ~57€)

Mayovera Ombre Balloon-Skirted Full-Cover Swimsuit, £99 (~$132 / ~113€)*

Hasema Siyah Fully-Covered Swimsuit, 110.85€ (~£98 / ~$130)*

If you know of any other brands making stylish, modest swimwear, please let me know in the comments section below! What’s your favourite look from today’s list?

Review: ASOS Western Bikini Set

Review: ASOS Western Bikini Set

Review: ASOS Western Bikini Set

Disclosure: Links with a * are affiliate links.

Hey guys! I’m experimenting with a different review format. Less structured, more ‘flowy’. Let me know if you prefer this, or like to have clear sections and ratings for fit, construction, durability etc.?

This is one of the looks I featured in my 2018 swimwear lust list, and the only one I’ve bought so far. It was both one of my very favourites and one of the most affordable, so it didn’t take much to convince me. Shortly after I bought it, this bikini went on sale (isn’t that always the way?!), making it now an even more budget-friendly £22.50*.

There is also a matching swimsuit* which I have only just now noticed has an amazing, O-ring racer back, and gosh I’m kicking myself because the swimsuit is even cooler than the bikini! ASOS also offers a full-bust version of the bikini top* for DD-G cups, but for some reason they made that one sleeveless. Last time I checked, sleeves don’t affect the bust fit. But oh well.

What really drew me to this bikini is the print. I love a slight flash of metallic, all the more so when it’s gold-coloured. The black fabric is covered with foiled cacti, horseshoes and cowboy boots – hence the product name, ‘Western’. I also liked the tasselled details, and they turned out to be even prettier than I expected. Each tassel is held together by a stamped-metal end cap, topped by a little bead.

Unfortunately, the tassels are deteriorating pretty fast. I’ve worn this bikini out twice, and both times noticed a half-dozen tassel strings on my towel when I got up to leave. Another one even fell out just taking these flat-lay images! And you can see in the images that a bunch more strings are hanging down lower than the rest, like they’re going to fall out soon. In better news though, the print is holding up fine so far. The bikini has been soaked in sea-water and hand-washed with regular detergent, and the metallic foil is as shiny as ever.

I bought a UK size 6 for the top and bottoms, which is my usual dress size. Although I loved the look of this bikini, I was a little unsure about the leg cut – it’s really high with a ‘cheeky’ back, which is more revealing than I’d usually wear at the beach. As it happens though, it’s actually the top I ended up being most self-conscious about.

As soon as it gets wet, the fabric gets looser. And since the plunge neckline was barely covering my nipples to begin with, well, you can figure out the rest. I worked out that the trick to keeping it in place is to pull the back down really far – as far as you can – which keeps the front laying flat. But get caught by one big wave and it’s baggy again.

Fit-wise though, I would say the top is true to size. The bottoms on the other hand felt ever so slightly small and honestly I wish I’d sized up to an 8, but they’re wearable. Also, although the sides are sewn together, the way the string ties thread through both pieces of fabric (pictured below) means it wouldn’t take much to add some inches to the waistband. Just a few careful snips of the thread holding the two channels together and voilà, bottoms with gaps at either side.

Bikini bottom side detail

Overall, I do love this bikini. I wouldn’t recommend it for swimming in though, if you’re at all worried about flashing someone. It’s more of a chilling-by-the-pool piece. Had I known the tassels were going to start falling apart so quickly though, I definitely would have waited to buy it on sale. But now that it is, a part of me is really tempted to go back and get the swimsuit too. Should I?!

What do you think of ASOS’ Western bikini*? Have you ever bought any other ASOS swimwear, and how was the quality if so?