About the Back – Women’s Swimwear for sale

You might not think it, but choosing a swimsuit with the right back can go a very long way to ensuring that you are supported and comfortable throughout your swims and achieve the best possible match. With as much as 30 distinct backs from the women’s swimwear collection, you’re sure to find the perfect costume to serve your swimming needs.
For the more competitive or regular swimmer our game swimwear range is suggested. This comes with a variety of springs that draw away the straps from your shoulder blades to guarantee complete freedom of movement and eliminate chaffing during long swims, and are combined with an open rear for increased flexibility at the back of the back — ideal for tumble-turns!
Our leisure range delivers a higher degree of coverage from the back, usually including Scoopbacks and timeless straps. But don’t worry; you’re still able to achieve excellent freedom of movement with a little bit of additional coverage from our leisure range. Higher backs are ideal for swimmers searching for bust support, but also for swimmers blessed with a larger bust, our women’s swimwear collection comes with a Clipback design which could help give additional support to get a more positive and comfortable swim.
We always advise looking at the Zoggs Size Guide before selecting which size to buy, but should you find that you’re between sizes and unsure of that size to choose then the back of the costume will be able to help you to select which size you should be buying.
The longer open the rear of the costume, the longer it allows for it to change shape to offer a better match, so if the style you prefer has an open rear then you can manage to go for the bigger of the 2 sizes you sit between.

If you are between sizes and favor a design with a closed back such as a Scoopback or Classicback then we’d recommend choosing the larger of the two sizes as the additional material means that the swimsuit has less capability to alter contour. However, it is also important to think about how much support you need, as choosing a bigger size could decrease the impact of bust support and tummy control.
In vogue for 2015 it has all been around the back, but in swimwear for some people it has always been around the back! Make sure you take into consideration how much support that you require before determining which back style is the right one for you, so that you may look fantastic and feel supported on your Zoggs swimsuit.