Review Parfait Exclusive Bra Sets Of Autumn/Winter 2015


Just when you thought our onslaught of Parfait love was over, we’ve got a glimpse look at their Autumn Winter range for 2015! Our creative adaption of the look and feel of the Parfait by Affinitas campaign imagery continued and evolved into AW15. The hair was amped up and the makeup was a little darker, but the same grown-up and seductive feel was carried through into the next season.  We wanted to make sure that the brand stood out from the noise and made a statement with this sultry attitude which is seriously lacking in the full bust lingerie world.


Since we were on set when some of the gorgeous images were shot, we were treated to a sneak peek of next season’s range, even before many of the lingerie buyers will have seen them.  Shades are powdery and seductive, with rich, tertiary shades making up the bulk of the collection. Black is also a key player, as is satin fabrics, lace and a grown up, sumptuous and luxurious finish.


Fabrics nod towards the metallic, with berry shades, silvery tones and a stunning ‘Pink Champagne’ Alexa in satin which looks every so slightly rose-gold.  Much of the shapes are classic ‘Parfait’, with six old favourites being gived the AW15 makeover with new shades, but three brand new collections are being introduced: Ellie, Destiny and Marianne.


The Four Most Expecting Full Bust And Plus Size Luxury Lingerie Lines In 2016

Today, I wanted to feature four brands that I feel embody the changes that we’ve seen in the past several years. All of these brands combine high quality materials and construction , customer focused design and a distinct point of view that breaks through the often mundane look that plus size and full bust lingerie lines have. All of these brands are worth your time and money in 2016.  All of these bra brands are a great way to vote with your money, if you can manage to do it.

Sophia Bra and Knicker Set by Katherine Hamilton Intimates

Sophia Bra in Ivory by Katherine Hamilton Intimates

Katherine Hamilton Intimates:
We’re going to start today with the two newcomers to full bust and plus size lingerie scene. Katherine Hamilton Intimates is currently in their first season, but boosts more experience than most new lingerie companies. Katy, the founder and designer, was also the brains behind Bosom Galore.

Katherine Hamilton Intimates uses luxury fabrics to create wearable lingerie that is inspired by vintage French lingerie. Each bra is designed to be high quality, work on a variety of different body types and to incorporate luxury materials in smart and supportive ways. When the design process began, the brand was immediately faced with the choice between luxurious design and a realistic price point.

Sophia Bra and Knicker Set by Katherine Hamilton Intimates

“Larger breasts require larger bras which consist of more material. When these materials are expensive, such as silk and French lace, this dramatically affects the retail price. We don’t however wish to compromise on our fabrics as they contribute dramatically to the comfort and aesthetics of our products. We have therefore considered how we use some of our most expensive materials in our designs. For example, our Sophia features a silk quarter cup, as opposed to a larger silk full cup. This design that not only reduces the quantity of silk used in the garment but also showcases the beauty of our French lace of which the full cup is composed.”

Curvy Emelie Bra with Detachable Babydoll Skirt by Buttress & Snatch

Bad Alice Set by Buttress & Snatch

Buttress & Snatch:
We’ve seen a lot of full bust brands jumping on the bondage inspired bandwagon, but incredibly few channeling old fashioned burlesque and vintage nostalgia. Buttress & Snatch has taken the plunge into expanded sizing and now offers band sizes 28 – 42 and cup sizes D through J. This line is bold, artistic and made for those of us who feel like lingerie should be as sweet as spun sugar.

“I think that knickers are so often designed as an afterthought when they should be every bit as thrilling as a bra.” says Rachel, owner and head designer of Buttress & Snatch. As a result the plus size and curvy pieces are modeling off of 1960’s girdle style knickers to create a traditional hourglass shape, but are also designed to be revealing and sexy.

Bad Alice Set by Buttress & Snatch

Buttress & Snatch, much like Katherine Hamilton Intimates, creates a supportive yet luxurious feeling bra through the mixing of fabric types. In the case of Buttress & Snatch, it’s old vintage UK made cotton prints mixed with more modern and supportive fabrics.

All Undone:
All Undone isn’t a newcomer to the world of full bust luxury lingerie, but their aesthetic continues to evolve and impress me. While I loved their early silk laden minimalist creations, I’m also digging their more recent Madonna inspired pieces like the Evie Bra. Their current size range incorporates band sizes 28 – 34 and cup sizes DD – GG.

The Mimi Bra by All Undone

“Our current line, particularly our new full-cup bra collection – The Evie, was very much inspired by Madonna in her Blond Ambition era as well as the clean lines of 1990’s runway looks with the original supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford who owned them. These outspoken women, who fully aware of their sexuality, proved great muses. This is reflected in our use of open meshes with supremely seductive silks and chunky gold making practical yet a luxurious collection. Our Evie thong was designed to be wearable both low and more of the on-trend high-cut style.”

Viola in Almond by Harlow & Fox

Octavia Set by Harlow & Fox

Harlow & Fox:
Harlow & Fox has demonstrated over the past few seasons that they have both style and staying power. They’re also one of the few lingerie companies going out of their way to make older lingerie consumers feel special, which makes them extremely unusual. Harlow & Fox carries pieces that range from band sizes 30 to 80 and from D to G cups. Harlow & Fox has always made elegant pieces in classic styles, with an emphasis on high end luxury fabrics and finishes.

You Need A Comfrotable And Beautiful Sports Lingerie

sports bra

You may have spent a fortune on gym membership and invested in great new gear. But it is more than likely that you are missing the most vital piece of exercise equipment of all – a sports bra. A good sports bra is a must-have for every female athlete. If you’ve ever been jogging without a sports bra you know that it’s simply not practical. Whether you’re into running, tennis or pilates, as soon as you get moving, your breasts do the same. But they’re not just for comfort and support anymore. Technological advances have led to new sports bra benefits.

 sports bra

Function & Beauty

Bareberry has a brand new range of comfortable but elegant sports bras from leading European designer Gwinner. Each bra provides you with the support you need. The cups and back panels are made from high quality, breathable Italian performance fabric and mesh, this bra keeps you cool and dry during your workout so that you can go the extra mile, while also retaining their shape. Their ingenious fit means these sports bras are not only fabulously functional, but beautiful too. They do not flatten the breasts like so many other sports bra. Technological advances in the fabrics regulate sweat and temperature control.

 sports bra

Bounce Support

Sports bras are best for support during exercise. Whatever your cup size, your breasts will bounce around during a workout. A good sports bra is important for maintaining the integrity of the breast wall and the shape of the breast. Breasts that get insufficient support will begin to sag and they may even be a source of your pain.

Ultimate Comfort

There is no reason why your Sports bra should be uncomfortable because full-figure sports bras are designed to work more than to flatter, they offer comfort in ways that regular bras cannot. Their increased coverage and wider straps distribute breast tissue evenly. The general lack of underwire or firm ribbing and delicate fabrics makes it easier for you to move around. Because they minimize breast movement, sports bras also minimize chafing or rubbing. Providing you with the ultimate in friction free comfort

How to tell you need a new Sports Bra ?

Signs that your sports bra is near the end of its useful days: The fit seems too loose or too big Vertical movement has increased The fabric is spoiling. You can’t read the care label anymore or simply jump up and down! This is the best way to test out the support. Still too much bounce?  Then it’s time to choose a new sports bra from our Bareberry range.

What Men Really Think About Hot Lingeries For Women

Hot Lingeries

A lot of times, we see lingerie ads being suggestive in the sense that it is one of the few things that women can do to make them instantly attractive and appealing to men. With a global revenue of $32 billion dollars, we’re pretty sure that those industry giants like Triumph and Victoria’s Secret are onto something. They have a formula in producing sexy lingerie which obviously have some sort of positive impact on its clientele, otherwise they would not have lasted this long and the industry would not be thriving.

For women, lingerie might be something that empowers them and it’s something really personal because only they would know that they’re matching those hot pink lacey brassieres with the same flowery hot pink panties. It allows them to delve into their sensuality, which then builds their confidence as they can be bold while being discreet and also appear perfectly mundane on the outside, but riveting with pure excitement on the inside.

 Hot Lingeries

Men, on the other hand, are usually more receptive to anything that is visually stimulating. It’s a part of our DNA. That is mostly why they like wrestling, freestyle motocross stunts, action movies with cars blown up, really gorgeous women in bikinis, etc. Basically, men would be interested in anything that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. So, 9 out of 10 times, in a normal mood (where they are not caught in the middle of an argument or when their minds are present and not wandering elsewhere) when they are in a good place with their other half, the lingerie would definitely be a turn on and would act as a catalyst to their attraction meter.

Some men like to see everything off when they get into the swing of things, but there are a lot of men who likes things to be left to their imagination. When a woman is clothed in certain places, it gives them sense of excitement, an air of mystery and a chance to look forward to the big ‘reveal’ as they work on getting their mood on. This is when the lingerie comes into play. The smooth, silky material falling nicely onto her shapely body and smooth skin, the nice flowery, laced trims that follows the smooth contours of her bottoms and bosoms.

 Hot Lingeries

So not only is it visually appealing, it adds mystery and excitement, plus the way the lingerie fits nicely onto the woman and the materials used all adds up to the sensual process. However, a woman doesn’t have to be showing off her lingerie in order to be sexually appealing to the opposite sex. A woman can be just as sexy when she’s smart and confident, like when she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. She doesn’t even have to be clad in floral or lacey lingerie. She could even be in a t-shirt and boy-shorts and still be deemed a major turn-on when she’s being confidently flirtatious. Sex appeal lies not in what a woman wears, but in who she is and how she acts.

Lightwight versatile, elegant and sheer bras give a different kind of charm

Sheer bra

Most styling consultants and wardrobe specialists would tell that the best way for women to feel an instant boost of sex appeal and feel instantly sexy and gorgeous would be by wearing sexy lingerie. But with so many options and choices for lingerie out there, which of these should you invest on? Worry no more, for sheer bras are here, your sure tool to be a luscious, lingerie diva.

Subtle with a dose of sophistication, these bras adds an element of mystery and excitement without the need to show the entire thing. It instantly adds a dollop of passion and excitement to your love life, slumber nights, and overall self-esteem. Compared to other intimate apparel and daily lingerie, sheer bras are sexy, alluring, romantic, coquettish, and gives of a different kind of charm.

Sheer bra

Sheer bras for sale comes in different styles, sizes, designs, and embellishments. For plus-sized girls, you do not have anything to worry since there are sheer bras plus size that are available and have been specifically designed to suit you without compromising its aesthetic value. There are also sheer unlined bras, with no uncomfortable underwire in it. Lightweight, versatile, and elegant, sheer bras usually have soft cup styles and are typically made of delicate fabrics like fine mesh, lace, and microfiber. In wearing these sheer lovelies, there are some reminders you should take note of to keep it looking at its best for longer and also to avoid totally embarrassing moments that could make your sheer experience an event you would rather forget.

Sheer Lingerie

Since these sheer lovelies need extra caution and care in caring for them since they are made to be really delicate, it will be better to hand wash them and have it air dried rather than putting it on with your other intimates to be laundered inside washing machines. In addition, instead of washing sheer bras every after use, it would be better to wash it after the second or third use so as not to stretch the fabrics too much. In choosing for one, do find one that fits like a T to your beloved bumps. Find one that has lycra in it to ensure a tight fit.  Tones with a natural look and those in nude colors are the more popular choices for sheer goodies.  And most importantly, always make it a point to not pair your sheer bras with light clothing or wear dark-colored ones under light fabrics to avoid downright embarrassing moments. With so many options in the market, the possibilities are endless! So experiment and relish in the joys that these sheer lovelies can give.

Review Exclusive Parfait By Affinitas Autumn/Winter 2015

Freya Lingerie

Normally, if I have a little hormonal or weight fluctuation, I’m more than capable of giving myself a self-assessment in the boob department, but on this occasion I felt like I needed a little help from the experts, so of course I made my way to IIYC faves Bravissimo for an in-depth fitting. The fitters in Bravissimo have earnt my love and trust over the years as it’s one of the only places that I’ve managed to find fitters who really, really know their stuff and have me leaving the store reassured, supported and relieved, rather than frustrated and even more confused than when I walked in.

Freya Lingerie

Bravissimo are a little different to most high street retailers in the UK, they shun any use of tape measures in their fitting process, instead going by eye, taking into account what you’re already wearing, and, shock horror, their knowledge of fitting women to guide them rather than a calculator and a piece of fabric.

The Covent Garden Store tends to be a little quieter and you’ve got more of a chance to get a walk-in appointment, but the Oxford Street store has much more stock to choose from and is, in my opinion, a slightly better place to get a really top-notch fitting experience. They just edge the Covent Garden team for expertise and hospitality.

I visited the Covent Garden store first, wearing a 30FF Gossard Superboost lace plunge bra which I knew full well didn’t fit, but I had got to the desperate stage when I was just wearing what I had even though I knew it was probably doing next to nothing for me. I also thought it would give me the opportunity to really test the fitter’s skills by going in with a bra that fit terribly. Because I’m a troll like that.

It’s fine to have beautiful co-ordinating sets in every colour of the rainbow if you have a lingerie collection the size of a small house, but when you’re losing weight, changing size on a seemingly daily basis and have fewer sets that actually fit properly than you do fingers on one hand, you really cherish the bras that you can throw on every day and match with all your other black and ‘nude’ underwear.

Top Five Popular And Well Knowed Bra Brands In The World

Victoria’s Secret

Have you have counted the number of top bra brands do you aware? A lot of women keep putting on unbranded brazier from shopping mall, and when you may well ask them they are certain that big companies aren’t much better. That’s not the case!  A properly-known brand doesn’t pops out instantly. It’s really gained by hard designer work, deep understanding in materials, styles and trends, and many years of serving clients with greatest quality items carefully.  A global-stylish fashion implies that their method is good, comfortable, and sturdy. Let’s going deep in these top rated brands.

1. Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, because it is one of the most popular bra brands in USA. It offers stylish, sexy and graceful lingerie, which by the way is not as expensive, as one could guess. Products of this company are valued for their style, comfort and good quality.

2. Agent Provocateur. 

Agent Provocateur.

Agent provovcateur. This is an English brand, that fully justifies its French-origina name. Each bra they make is provocative lingerie in extreme quality and luxurous style. No wonder their bras are expensive yet most desired among the ladies worldwide.

3. Chantelle.


French lingerie is like a dream that came true. The client always feels Chantelle’s attention and care because they offer sales and gifts constantly. There is wide range of bras for small and big busted girls. Perfect style and comfort is what one can expect from this brand’s bra.

4. Affinitas Intimates.

 Affinitas Intimates.

LA based brand carries Latin name meaning relationship, connection, union or simply affinity. Obviously many women would easily feel affection and attraction to fabulous lingerie created by their designers. No wonder elegant and stylish lingerie from Affinitas Intimates  is appreciated by celebrities and fashion press worldwide. Launched in 2007 the company offers also a sister-brand Parfait by Affinitas, focused on larger bra sizes.

5. La Senza.


Call themselves “famously sexy, infamously naughty”. And yes, they definitely are. But the brand is more than just sexy designs: they are famous for affordable prices too. And that is something ladies from all over the world appreciate. La Senza’s bras are seductive and feminine; they come in variety of designs and sizes. The brand was founded in Canada, but now it operates nearly 500 stores around the globe and serve hundreds of customers online every day.