Seduce Me by Lovehoney: Retro-Inspired Lingerie for the Boudoir

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Lovehoney, and contains affiliate links.

British retailer Lovehoney has just released its latest lingerie collection, Seduce Me, and there’s still time to add it to your Christmas wishlist or shopping basket! The brand’s largest collection to date, it’s a little bit retro, a little bit erotic, and a whole lot affordable with prices from just £9.99.

Seduce Me features a timeless black and baby pink colour palette, all made in a blend of smooth microfibre and sheer lace. Pink ribbon trims, oversized bows and Lovehoney’s signature heart charms add a pretty touch and elevate the designs to boudoir-ready status.



The standout piece from the collection simply has to be the Push-Up Dress, inspired by the figure-hugging wiggle dresses of the 1940s and with a completely sheer lace back. Wear it as a foundation piece under body-skimming dresses this party season, or simply pair it with a sleek satin pencil skirt and make that your party look instead! If you’re looking for a shorter version, perhaps to wear under mini dresses, the similar and thigh-skimming Push-Up Chemise can be worn without its detachable suspenders.

The girdle-style Suspender Skirt is another great piece to treat your inner pin-up. Pair it with the Seduce Me Push-Up Bra for modern glamour, or pair it with a lace bandeau and these point-heel, seamed stockings for a more vintage vibe.

If your taste in lingerie is more ‘less is more’, then Lovehoney’s Seduce Me line has got you covered (or rather, uncovered) there too. Check out the knickers and the bodysuit which both feature a crotchless design and completely bumless, ouvert rear.



Lovehoney has always offered a fantastic selection of sizes, and their Seduce Me collection is no different. Everything is available in S-4XL, covering UK 6 to 24. You can view and shop the full range here – be sure to order early if you want to make sure you receive it in time for Christmas!

If you want to find out more about what goes into creating a lingerie line at Lovehoney, check out my interview with their in-house designer, Heather Mercer.



What do you think of Lovehoney’s Seduce Me range? Which piece is your favourite?


Announcement: Say Hello to the New Esty Lingerie!

Esty Lingerie has had a makeover! After something like six months of grabbing spare moments here and there to work on it, I’m so happy to finally be able to share this site’s new look with you. It’s not quite there yet – still a few design tweaks to do, and a ton of behind-the-scenes technical stuff – but my impatience eventually got the better of my inner perfectionist and I decided it was ready enough for you all to see.

So, the big thing you’ll notice if you’re a regular visitor is that the whole thing looks a bit more ‘bloggy’ now. I launched Esty Lingerie back in 2009 and for quite some time it was just a simple shop. Come mid-2012, I was doing a marketing internship that involved writing blog posts for clients to boost their SEO, and I thought “I should be doing this for my site too”, so I set one up and just started writing whatever popped into my head.

I’m not particularly proud of those first few articles, but they were fun to write! Then, in 2013 I started reviewing lingerie that I’d bought and talking about products that I liked, things unrelated to what I was selling, and gradually what started out as a side project became the task I was spending the most time on when working on my site. Especially over the past year, I’ve realised that writing is really where my passion lies, more so than retailing.

There’s also the fact that when I launched Esty Lingerie, I was a student doing a year abroad, working 10-12 hours of week with minimal studying to do and with all the time in the world to create a business. Now I have a 30-hours-a-week job and a toddler who demands a lot of attention, and there are simply no longer enough hours in the day to continue as I have been doing. You might have noticed that the annual Lingerie Design Competition didn’t happen last year, and that’s the reason (but it’s returning for 2017, yay!).

Out of blog, brand and boutique, it’s the first two that interest me the most. When I realised that this was the direction I really wanted to take Esty Lingerie in, I also realised I needed a new website. My previous one was built on EKM which is excellent for selling (I highly recommended it to any bootstrapping indie designers who want to launch their own site), but it’s just not built for blogging. I couldn’t even make the blog articles mobile-friendly!

The old Esty Lingerie website that is no more.

All of that said, the shop is still very much here. You can find it by clicking My Shop in the menu bar at the top. I am however going to be significantly streamlining the product range – there are a lot of products and brands that I won’t be restocking when they sell out, so don’t deliberate too long if there’s something you’ve had your eye on. The most popular brands will be staying (in fact, there’s more Playful Promises on the way soon), but mostly I’d like to focus on my own designs which have always made up 80-90% of my orders anyway.

Which brings me on to one more change – moving forwards, I am no longer going to be producing collections. Honestly, I’ve never been that good at it. I get the inspiration for one or two great products and then try to design matching pieces around them, because I’ve always felt like that’s what I was supposed to be doing, but inevitably those first designs sell out over and over and the rest just sits in storage for months.

I have stacks of ideas flying around in my head, and an enormous stash of fabrics and embellishments in my sewing chest, that never get turned into anything because I’m too busy trying to think how they’ll work as part of range instead of just knuckling down and making something. I don’t have a whole lot of time to sew, so I’d rather focus only on creating things I truly love. This year, I’ll be making many more limited-edition pieces, and even one-off pieces, and generally just having fun experimenting and sewing whatever the hell I feel like sewing!

First though, I think a bit of a celebration is in order. Stay tuned, because the next couple of weeks are going to be busy ones at Esty Lingerie with giveaways and special offers galore! Be sure to follow me on Twitter where I’ll be announcing everything as it launches.

In the meantime, I would love to know what you think of the new website. Any feedback, good and bad, will all be much appreciated! Estelle

Half-Price Advertising Sale

Hey, just a quick one here for my brand readers this afternoon. My new website has been up and running for 5 days now and to celebrate the launch, I am running a fantastic advertising sale – all ads and collaborations purchased in the next month will be 50% off the usual price! My rates will almost certainly never be this low again, and the offer ends strictly on April 30th.

The Esty Lingerie blog surpassed a quarter-million pageviews for the first time last year and attracts readers from around the world, primarily the US and UK. For more stats and to see examples of previous collaborations with brands such as Coco de Mer and Lovehoney, click here for my media kit.

I offer a range of options from sponsored posts and giveaways to a limited number of banner slots. To request my rates and discuss what I can do for you, drop me an email now at [email protected]. I look forward to speaking with you! ?

Lingerie Lookbook: Rose Fulbright’s Tropical Loungewear Collection

I came across Rose Fulbright quite by accident over Christmas, browsing a clothing site that had one of her pieces in store. The wonderful, whimsical print instantly caught my eye – ‘Tropical Print’, as it’s called, features a multitude of colourful, watercolour fish on a white background. It’s so fun, but retains a sophisticated flair rather than looking cutesy or cartoonish. It’s also completely different from any print I’ve seen on loungewear before.

My dad is a SCUBA instructor and I was lucky enough to go along on some of his tropical dive trips in my teens, to faraway places such as Honduras and Dominica. I’ve been diving in the North Pacific and Mediterranean oceans too, but nothing has compared to the vivid riot of colour beneath the Caribbean Sea. The bright green moray eel, the multi-coloured parrotfishes and Queen Angelfish, the vivid pink and purple corals of the reef itself… Anyway, this print brings back all of those lovely memories from some of the best holidays I’ve ever been on, and that’s what draws me to these pieces personally. They make me feel nostalgic and happy at the same time.

The print is exclusive to Rose Fulbright, a British designer who launched her eponymous lingerie brand in 2013, and is based on paintings by artist and Rose’s grandmother Susan Williams-Ellis. The Tropical collection was launched in 2015, and as of 2016 the print is also available on a range of beautiful kaftans and beach robes.

As for the loungewear, my favourite piece is the sleeveless Tavua robe in floor-length, draped silk chiffon. With an optional belt, this is simply too lovely not to show off and with a simple white slip below, it would make for an eye-catching maxi dress come summertime.

I also love the boxy Nautilus robe in silk satin, with its shell pink lapels and cuffs. This too could double up as outerwear, a relaxed jacket to throw on when evening rolls around and the day gets cooler. For a more classic robe look, you can pick between the short or long Bequia silk robe, or the Waikiki robe in a simple white cotton with silk trims.

The Tropical Print range also includes a range of mix-and-match pyjama separates – the Astraea camisole, Astraea shorts, Furana loose-fit top and Furana cropped trousers in all-over print, or the Malindi top and cropped trousers and the Lyria shorts if you prefer a silvery silk with just a hint of the underwater print in the trims.

All pieces in Rose Fulbright’s Tropical collection are handmade in London using elastics manufactured in Nottingham, and the brand is committed to ethical and sustainable manufacture and business practices. A percentage of profits from sales of the Tropical sleep/loungewear pieces goes to the charity Oceana who aim to protect and restore the world’s oceans.

Prices in the collection range from £110 for a pair of shorts, through to £460 for the full-length, silk satin robe. Robes are ‘one size’, other pieces come in S-L covering UK 8 to 14.

Are you a fan of Rose Fulbright’s Tropical print? Which piece here is your favourite?

Embellished Fishnet Tights from Lirikas By Lirika Matoshi

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.

I see gorgeous lingerie all the time, but every once in a while I’ll see something so beautiful and so unique that I can’t stop thinking about it. A little over a week ago Marionette Mew shared these embellished tights over on Twitter and I’ve been obsessing over them ever since. Tell me these are not amazing?!

The tights are hand decorated in New York by Lirika Matoshi, who opened her Etsy store last year and has already been featured on ELLE Brasil. The product descriptions are next to non-existent with no sizes to choose from, so I’m not sure what size range the tights are intended to fit, but as always with made-to-order lingerie there’s a good chance of the designer being able to accommodate your needs if you drop her an email before purchasing.


Mint Flowery tights, $150 (~£120 / ~141€)

Green Wall Net tights, $200 (~£160 / ~188€)


Taking her inspiration from nature, the fishnets mostly feature floral motifs and little, bewelled bugs. My favourite pair, the Green Wall Net design above, are a beautiful recreation of green leaves wrapping their way up a wire trellis. Other designs feature sparkling stars, inspired by the twinkling night sky perhaps?

Intricately embellished with a mix of embroideries and glittering crystal beads, in some cases hundreds of them, these tights are almost certainly really delicate. A lot of luxury lingerie is though, and you probably wouldn’t wear these very often (or maybe you would!). If you’re putting together an outfit for a special occasion and are looking for a dazzling fashion accessory that is sure to turn heads and elicit endless compliments, Matoshi’s tights are a sure bet. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see these worn on stage at some point, they have that kind of over-the-top, showgirl appeal to them.

Being hand-embellished in what I assume is a very long and laborious process, prices start at $150 (~£120 / ~141€) and go up to $200 (~£160 / ~188€). Other accessories such as socks and chokers are also available.


Wild Cherries tights, $190 (~£152 / ~179€)

Floral tights, $150 (~£120 / ~141€)

Daisy tights, $150 (~£120 / ~141€)

Starry tights, $200 (~£160 / ~188€)


What do you think of Lirika Matoshi’s embellished tights? Which are your favourite pair?


Interview with an Independent Lingerie Designer: Lacegrenade

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.

If you haven’t heard of Lacegrenade, you’re missing out on one of the most promising new independent designers on the market. Annalisa Tomassetti, the one-woman show behind the brand, creates dark, dreamy styles that fuse sexiness with wearability.

I was first drawn to Lacegrenade back when there were only a handful of products in the shop. As soon as I saw the Deadly Nightshade set – a gorgeous black spiderweb design – I knew this was a brand to keep my eye on. In the past year, Lacegrenade truly came into its own as nearly a dozen new styles entered the shop. Designs such as Ivy (pictured below) and Dana in particular caught my attention; I love the sexy cut-outs and strappy details.

I wanted to go behind the scenes to find out more about the inspiration behind the brand, so I interviewed Annalisa to ask about her creative process and how she came to design lingerie.


Lacegrenade founder Annalisa Tomassetti


How did you learn to sew, and when did you realize it was a passion?

Designing was a building passion for me. I first learned to sew when I was about 21 doing short courses and local sewing schools. Then when I was about twenty-six I got into the Sydney fashion TAFE [Technical and Further Education] course. I studied there predominantly part-time while I worked full-time, and that’s where I learned the bulk of my sewing. This was when it solidified for me that this was definitely a path I wanted to go down.

But what originally got me interested in sewing and fashion was meeting a group of girls at a nightclub when I was 21 who were corset makers. They told me about what they made and how much they enjoyed it, and it really sparked my interest in creating things with my hands, specifically fashion. Initially that’s what I wanted to do, corsetry and lingerie, but I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself so it felt like such a pipe dream. During the course of studying at TAFE I questioned whether I wanted to do clothing or lingerie or both, but I settled on lingerie. A lot of what I learned from designing lingerie is self-taught from books and experimenting.

When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I read up about a lot of Australian designers. I think our TAFE teachers were trying to give us hope but prepare us for the worst. They weren’t shy about telling us how hard it is to be a designer, especially an independent one. A lot of them were telling us to just get jobs but I decided to do my own research about designers who were successful, just to prove to myself that it is possible. If these people can create something in an industry that is apparently impossible to create in, what makes me any different?


Blue and White Floral Lace Bralette, AUD$50 (approx. £31 / US$38 / 35€)

Blue and White Floral Lace Brief, AUD$55 (approx. £34 / US$41 / 39€)


What made you decide to start an Etsy shop?

I actually quit my job to focus on designing full-time. When I left school I worked in corporate jobs to pay the bills and figure out what I wanted to do with my life, but when I finished studying at TAFE I decided I needed to take a leap and do this. I just kind of decided I was going to stop working for a while and really give this everything, which was terrifying. I thought, this is scary and it’s going to take a lot of time, but I was worried that if I didn’t push through it I was going end up getting talked out of it, or talking myself out of it.

Setting up a shop, even just an Etsy shop, needs a lot of time and concentration. So basically I quit my job and had a few months where I really focused on that. I am hoping to move away eventually and have my own website, but there are a number of things I want to knuckle down with first and having a storefront already set up takes a bit of workload off. So I can focus on other things, like improving my designs and creating more of the garments I want to create, until I have my own website.


Ivy Black Cut-Out Bralette, AUD$55 (approx. £34 / US$41 / 39€)

Ivy Black Cut-Out Brief, AUD$50 (approx. £31 / US$38 / 35€)


Which lingerie brands are your personal favorites?

I really like Agent Provocateur, mostly because I love the fabrics they use. They are not fabrics I would expect to see in a well-known, mainstream brand. I also love Sugar Lace Lingerie; that really girly lingerie screams nostalgic youth, and I just think it’s gorgeous. And Agashi by Christina O, I love her sailor moon sets. She did a Little Red Riding Hood cape at some point which I thought was really cool. One of the mini-collections I made while in TAFE was inspired by fairytales, so when I saw that I just thought it was amazing.

And of course I can’t ignore Hopeless Lingerie, and everything Gaby has done as a designer, particularly in Australia. For her to have built up a company and a business, and to have the momentum she’s got, is inspiring for me, and of course her designs are incredible.


Black Hearts Club High-Waist Knickers, AUD$38 (approx. £23 / US$29 / 27€)


Where do you see your brand in five years?

In the future what I’m really aiming for is to be stocked in other places, internationally and in other lingerie stores. I’d also really like to have my own storefront, even if it’s just online. I really do love making clothing as well as lingerie, but I sort of stepped away from it so I can really focus on and understand lingerie. Now that I’m increasing my knowledge and feeling comfortable with lingerie – I’m still not at the level I want to be at, but I know I’ll get there as I keep going with the momentum I have – I would like to start creating sleepwear.

I also want to work with larger sizes, not just A-E cups, and as a result would be working with things that give more support, like underwire. In the next five years I’d really like to have expanded the products that are available to people and also just be more available, whether through my own website or through actual storefronts, and basically be more recognized as a prominent brand in the industry.


Black Floral Lace Crop Bralette, AUD$45 (approx. £28 / US$34 / 32€)

Black Floral Lace High-Waist Knickers, AUD$35 (approx. £22 / US$26 / 25€)


Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

It’s funny because a lot of the things I hear other designers say “oh, you shouldn’t do this for inspiration” about are exactly what give me inspiration. One of the things I’ve often heard is not to look at the fabric, that you should come up with your design and then find the fabric that suits it. But I really find a lot of inspiration spending an hour and a half in a fabric store, and I’ll just go through fabrics, look at them and think, how would I make this? How would this look on the body, around the bust and on curves? How would it feel for someone to lay in this and feel comfortable?

The other thing a lot of people say it to not to look at designers, which I also don’t agree with. That’s like saying painters shouldn’t look at other paintings—if you love the medium, you’re going to want to look at other people’s work as well. And I’m not talking about only other lingerie designers, I look at even furniture designers, that sort of thing – design in itself is an inspiration.

Aside from that, generally my biggest inspiration is women. Women I know, women in film, women who I looked up to as a teenager. Some of my idols as a teenager were Drew Barrymore, Courtney Love, Christina Ricci – a lot of the 90s rock children, women who are strong in themselves and are really empowering. I think that when it comes to lingerie, there’s this idea that you can be sexy just for yourself, feel comfortable in your own body, love your own body, and these women embody that.


So you draw inspiration from independent women?

Basically, yeah. I look at them and I think, what would they want to wear? What sort of style do they have and how would I be able to incorporate that into my designs? Would I think of them if I saw this item, could I imagine them in it? That sort of thing.


Sprite Floral Lace Bralette, AUD$60 (approx. £37 / US$45 / 42€)

Sprite Floral Lace Brief, AUD$55 (approx. £34 / US$41 / 39€)


Usually how many prototypes does it take you to settle on a design?

For most designs, I would say a minimum of three just to make sure I’m as happy with it as it can be. I also create different prototypes to make sure it caters for all types of busts. I have a mannequin that I would say is about a B cup, and I’m an E cup, so usually I’ll make one in a size that suits her and one in my size. I try it on and I make sure that it looks just as good on me, as someone who’s got a bigger bust, as on someone with a smaller bust.

Experimenting is definitely really important, because not every single thing you come up with is going to work perfectly the first time, so you need to allow yourself to fail, whether it’s once or twenty times, to get an end product that you’re happy with. There are definitely things that I’ve done and thought, that didn’t work at all. But because of that I’ve been led somewhere else and found a better design.


A floral Lacegrenade bralette in production


Is there anything else you want people to know about the brand?

This year I would like to focus on incorporating my brand into some charity work. I’m a big supporter of animal rights and of women’s rights, so I would like to somehow get involved with those issues, whether it’s by donating a percentage of sales or just by getting the word out.

I also try to avoid using materials that are not cruelty-free. I very much don’t want to use leather or silk in any of my work, because I don’t agree with the processes through which those materials come about. I’m getting to the point now where I want to start making a bit more noise about these things, because my brand isn’t just like, “hey, here’s lingerie, feel good about yourself”. There’s nothing wrong with making people feel good, but I want to do more. I think anything a business can do to help the world we live in is more of a responsibility than a choice.


As a special treat for readers of the blog, use code ESTYBLOG15 for 15% off Lacegrenade until the end of January!


Introducing Lazy Girl Lingerie – Effortless, Easygoing & Ethically-Made Style

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Lazy Girl Lingerie.

Launched last year, Lazy Girl Lingerie is what the name suggests – underthings designed to be effortless. These are pretty but uncomplicated designs that are easy to throw on and comfy to wear, for when you want an easygoing, relaxed kind of sexy.

The Lazy Girl Lingerie story starts with the fabric. Founder Cassandra begins with a hunt for a material that speaks to her, then plays around with it in the studio until a design emerges. She likes to use soft, stretch laces and elastic strapping which, combined with the criss-cross ribbon lacing that features regularly in her work, makes her lingerie extremely flexible on fit.

Isla bodysuit

Aria lingerie set

Vera bodysuit

As standard, Lazy Girl Lingerie sizing covers XXS-XXL or approximately UK 4-18. However since each garment is created to order – ethically sewn with love by Cassandra herself in her Australia-based studio – custom sizing is available, and at no additional cost. If your measurements don’t quite match up with the size chart, just pop them in at checkout and wait for lingerie to arrive that has been created especially for your body.

Cassandra started out as a self-taught seamstress in high school before pursuing a degree in Fashion Design and Technology. Whilst there, she studied a module on swimwear and lingerie and that’s when she fell in love with this industry. Having always struggled to find exactly what she wanted to wear, she started sewing lingerie for herself and Lazy Girl Lingerie blossomed from there.

Everything in the brand’s current collection looks like an absolute breeze to wear, from the numerous bralettes to the floaty Noelle chemise, to the off-the-shoulder crops that look like the perfect, chic-but-carefree festival attire (the Isla and Ivy crops are lined for modesty if you choose to go braless underneath).

Ivy lingerie set

Willa bodysuit

Ophelia lingerie set

I particularly love the Quinn bodysuit, which has the same laid-back ease as the rest of the collection, but which also has an air of sophistication. With the halter neckline and high-cut legline it’s very much on-trend right now, but the black lace and intricate embroidered trim hold a timeless appeal.

My favourite look though simply has to be the Analiese set, a striking red two-piece that straddles the line between lingerie and outerwear. The oversized floral lace pattern on this one is just stunning, and as you all know I’m a fan of scalloping and eyelash edging (and red!).

Quinn bodysuit

Aria bodysuit

Analiese set

Lazy Girl Lingerie pricing ranges from AUD$39 to AUD$140 (approx. £23-81 / US$29-104 / 26-93€) and all items ship within 2 weeks of purchase, which is a very reasonable wait time for handmade underthings. As for what the future holds, Cassandra is currently working on some more supportive styles for fuller-busted customers, so subscribe to her newsletter to be the first to hear when those launch – you’ll receive 10% off too ?

What do you think of Lazy Girl Lingerie? Which design featured here is your favourite?

The Modern Geisha ~ Bordelle AW16

Bordelle Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Maybe you are familiar with the brand Bordelle, if not,  it doesn’t matter. It is my privilege to get you acquainted.

Since 2009, Bordelle has changed the game in luxury lingerie, and more specifically with bondage-inspired intimates.  This UK label made the risqué just a bit more mainstream and S&M a bit more palatable as it is infused with high-fashion glamour and created with groundbreaking designs.

The current  Bordelle  Autumn/Winter 2016 season showcases a provocative collection of intimates that explores the influence of Japanese art on the aesthetic of Western culture with the elegance and strength of the geisha, the ancient art of Kinbaku (Japanese forms of tight binding), and elements of origami inspire the current designs.  As expected, Bordelle offers a selection of body harnesses, cuffs, cut-out bras and panties, and chokers in its signature bold strap styling with 24-carat gold detailing.  No matter the variances of each season, this brand is instantly identifiable and a standout in the luxury lingerie community.  A beautiful editorial campaign always accompanies the launch of the new collection, so without further ado, please enjoy the following images!

Bordelle Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

bordelle lingeriebriefs

bordelle lingeriebriefs

bordelle lingeriebriefs

bordelle lingeriebriefs

bordelle lingeriebriefs

Curvy Couture Actualizaciones Otoño 2016

Curvy Couture: Actualizaciones Otoño 2016

Con los cambios de las estaciones, las ropas también cambian y Curvy Couture enfoca en garantizar que el cajón de lencerías de toda mujer tenga todos los nuevos colores de sus mejores productos, perfectos para el otoño.

Hoy, estamos hablando sobre los cambios que están por llegar y también las que ya están disponibles para el Sostén de Encaje Seduction, el Sostén Balconet Encaje Tulip y los modelos Suavizantes en Encaje Flawless.

Sostén de Encaje Seduction

Curvy Couture: Actualizaciones Otoño 2016

“Empareja con las bragas short Seduction para un conjunto magníficamente precioso que sus curvas amen.”

Primeramente, los sostenes especiales para bustos mayores Encaje Seduction y Bragas Short Seduction están disponibles en rosa claro.

Características de los modelos de encaje Seduction:

La mescla perfecta entre diversión y seducción, el Sostén de Encaje Seduction incorpora el mismo modelaje y sensación sensuales del best-seller Sostén Encaje Tulip, con tazas texturizadas, breteles detallados y con una fuerte estructura Balconet.

● Relleno liviano que le da una levantada natural
● Encaje sensual en toda la taza de tres partes, promoviendo mucho soporte y estructura.
● Espalda en lujoso tul respirable, promoviendo el mejor en modelaje, forma y soporte.
● Breteles con encaje y taza de encaje unidos con hermosos moños de satén.
● Cierre con 3 ganchos y 3 anchos (puede cambiar con los tamaños).

Sostén Balconet Encaje Tulip Curvy Couture

Curvy Couture: Actualizaciones Otoño 2016

“Nuestro sostén plus size más vendido gana puntos por su diseño funcional y femenino”

En 25 de septiembre, el sostén y las bragas Encaje Tulip ganaron un nuevo color: Vino.

Características de los modelos Balconet de Encaje Tulip

Curvy Couture: Actualizaciones Otoño 2016

La clásica forma Balconet promueve una levantada, en cuanto detalles en encaje y un pendiente en strass adiciona a la sensualidad. Tamaños: C, D, DD (36-44), DDD, G, H (32-44)

● Encaje en la punta de la taza
● Relleno liviano que le da una levantada natural
● Espaldas en tul lujoso respirable ofrece suavización de la espalda
● Breteles que promueven comodidad increíble
● Cierre con 3 ganchos y 3 anchos (puede cambiar con el tamaño).

Suavizante Encaje Flawless

Curvy Couture: Actualizaciones Otoño 2016

Finalmente, el sostén Suavizante de encaje Flawless está disponible en natural y negro. Ese modelo es como el Sin Aro Flawless, parte de la colección “Soluciones Suavizantes” de la marca.

Características Suavizante Encaje Flawless

Curvy Couture: Actualizaciones Otoño 2016

“Chau, senos mal acomodados. Adiós, rollitos. ¡Hola, cuerpo magnífico!”

La tecnología del sostén suavizante encaje Flawless de Curvy Couture ofrece aros de estructura y soporte total que es tan bueno cuanto parece. Tazas enteras, forro suave y soporte con sensualidad ¡de dentro para fuera! Tamaños disponibles para ese modelo: C, D, DD (34-42), DDD, G, H (34-42).

● Tecnología para los mejores aros que ofrecen total cobertura, levantamiento y soporte.
● Terminaciones hechas para que se queden juntos al cuerpo, sin aparecer bajo de las ropas.
● Comodidad del forro suave, ofreciendo increíble comodidad.
● Laterales mayores terminan con las curvas indeseadas debajo de los brazos
● Breteles anchos, ajustables y hechos para que se mantengan en el lugar con comodidad.

Love Vintage Lingerie? Help Fund The Underpinnings Museum

1930s Formfit U-wire bra with strapping detail.
The Underpinnings Museum vintage suspender belt.
Image courtesy of The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice Studios.


Heard about The Underpinnings Museum before? Three lingerie aficionadas have teamed up to launch what I believe will be the world’s first ever online museum dedicated solely to underthings and its founder is Karolina Laskowska, the award-winning young lingerie designer and occasional blogger  whose own work has been inspired by some of the pieces in her extensive vintage lingerie collection. She’s joined by Lori Smith, a researcher of and regular academic speaker on the topic of lingerie who has spoken at the likes of the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Tigz Rice, a renowned lingerie and boudoir photographer whose job it will be to make this digital museum as close to the real thing as possible for the viewer.

When I first heard about the project whether an online museum could really compare to a traditional one. Rice’s photography beautifully captures the finer details of the garments in the preview shots here which is not like you get to see the lingerie really up close in a regular museum anyway, it being locked away behind glass. This crisp, close-up photography may even add another dimension to the experience that you just don’t usually get – part of The Underpinnings Museum’s mission is to document things like the garments’ interiors and unique construction details so the viewer really gets a sense of how each piece was made.


Lace detail on a 1930s Kestos bralette.

Lace detail on a 1930s Kestos bralette. Image courtesy of The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice Studios.


1950s lace merry widow.

1950s lace merry widow. Image courtesy of The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice Studios.


Indeed, as well as the imagery, each garment at The Underpinnings Museum will be accompanied by extensive technical information such as the fabrics and construction techniques, as well as looking at things like the garment’s origin and its historical significance. For the lingerie lover or fashion historian, it sounds like a dream come true. Did I mention that the museum will be entirely free to view?

For the contour design student or the home-sewer, the museum promises to be even more of a resource because, over time, Laskowska is hoping to take patterns from many or even all of the most interesting pieces so that they can be recreated by anyone. If that sounds like something you’d love to do, then you’ll be glad to know that you can already purchase a pack of three bra patterns taken from pieces that will be on The Underpinnings Museum, including detailed technical illustrations and high-res images of details from the original garments.

This pack is just one of many rewards available when you pledge a donation to the museum via its Kickstarter campaign, which just launched a few hours ago and is already at the time of writing close to 10% funded. Other rewards include access to a behind-the-scenes blog that will document the launch of the museum for a mere £5, a 2017 calendar for £25 and much more. If you’ve got £1000+ to spend, you can even commission a custom, luxury lingerie set made by Laskowska herself.


1930s Formfit U-wire bra with strapping detail.

1930s Formfit U-wire bra with strapping detail. Image courtesy of The Underpinnings Museum. Photography by Tigz Rice Studios.


If you’re a lingerie brand reading this, then there are options for you to get involved and be a part of The Underpinnings Museum. The museum won’t just be about antique and vintage underwear, but will showcase contemporary designs too. You can contact [email protected] to enquire about submitting a garment or sponsoring an entire exhibition.

I for one am super excited about this project and can’t wait to start learning more about the lingerie of the past (which, for all my love of lingerie, I don’t know a huge amount about) and of course poring over images of pretty things. Now, I’m off to choose my pledge!