Aviana Minimizer Soft Cup Bra 2357

Aviana Minimizer Soft Cup Bra 2357

The Aviana 2357: The Best Bra When You Need a Soft Cup Minimizing Bra for Plus Sizes

This is a minimizing bra with a quarter cup of minimization for a rounded, never flat, silhouette. It’s one of the few soft cup minimizing bras on the market and available in sizes up to a 44M. A minimizer bra helps you appear a cup size or two smaller in addition to making it easier for clothing to fit properly.

The wider straps are detailed with a soft mesh lace over a plush padding which instantly relieves pain and tension caused by straps by distributing weight evenly. This is one of the reasons why the Aviana 2357 is a great everyday bra; you will feel lighter and not experience bra pain.

Aviana Minimizer Soft Cup Bra 2357

The inside sling helps achieve lift and separation when there is no underwire, even in the largest cup size. The three part cup construction helps give a smooth and rounded shape as well as additional support. If you like soft cup bras but not the pointed look they often give, then you will love the rounded and separated shape of the Aviana 2357.

Further details include lovely embroidery on the top part of the cups. Wire free means all day comfort and support without compromising shape, support and comfort. Lower neckline allows you to wear v-neck tops while still getting great coverage.

BGB’s Fitting Tip:

Please see the “Sizing” tab for the bra size chart to help you select your correct size in Aviana.

About Aviana

Aviana does not believe in merely “sizing up” smaller bras to make bigger ones. They believe in studying body types and bras in order to give women bras that make them “feel like it was made for them.”

Having been around since 1985, Aviana has succeeded in making a fantastic line of both underwire and soft cup bras. They are one of the leading plus size soft cup bra makers with band sizes of 23 to 56 and cup sizes D to P.

Fitting and Support Tip: If you find that the straps do not adjust as much as you would like, or you would like more lift and more stabilization then try the following.

First create a loop at the slider so that you can pull the strap through the slider.

Second when you reach the seam between the front part of the strap and the back part, gently pull the seam through the slider using the loop you created.

Lastly, continue to pull the wider part of the strap through the slider so that the slider is now in the front, adjust it to where it is comfortable and gives you additional support and lift.

Once you have the slider adjusted onto the wider portion of the strap, it will stay there throughout the day. You should find this comfortable and more supportive with better lift.

Note: If you feel that any bra that you wear does not support you enough, you might try going down a band size. While wearing your bra normally, slide your hand between the band and your body – if you are easily able to slide more than two fingers through, you are most likely in need of smaller band size.