Introducing the Elomi Matilda: The Bra For the Hard to Fit Ladies Out There

Wow, the Elomi Matilda.  If you are someone that has a hard time getting a perfect fit, then read this!

So recently, I was having a conversation with Eveden’s (the company that produces Elomi, Freya, Fantasie and Godess, among other companies) National Fit Specialist and she brought up the Elomi Matilda stating that she thought it was the best bra they’ve made in years and that I simply must try it.  One of the girls with whom she works with has an incredibly difficult time getting a good fit and is a size JJ.  The Matilda worked wonders for her.  She also went on to say at the recent trade show every person they put into the Matilda got that great fit.  You have to remember, every bra is simply not going to work for every person as we are all different. So the fact that this bra is fitting so many and so easily is rather remarkable.

So I tried the Matilda in a 36E which seems to be the size that fits me in most of the styles I’ve tried in Elomi and Fantasie.

It took a minute, but I got got the hype quickly.

I put on the bra and had a tiny bit of gapping in the upper cups.  I did the swoop and scoop (you must do this EVERY time you put on a bra) and the gapping went away.  I waited for it to come back, because if a bra doesn’t fit you right, then this would happen.  It didn’t.  (And honestly, ANY bra that gaps on me never winds up going away from swoop and scoop, at least no longer than a few minutes.) I went about my work and forgot I was wearing it (that is a whole other huge plus since this bra is made of sheer materials that I usually turn my nose up to because I don’t find them as comfortable as my buttery smooth microfiber blends I prefer) which is always a good sign in a bra.

About 45 minutes later I peeked down, and noticed that the fit still remained perfect.  From this moment on, I kept periodically looking down at the bra.  I was so marveled with it.  I swear, this bra molded itself to me and became the perfect fit. I became enamored with the Matilda and was fervently studying it. I could not stop pausing and looking down at it.  What could make it fit so many different shapes that well?  Here is what I came up with:

Although it is a plunge bra, the center gore comes up a bit higher that my other plunges do.  Additionally, the cups seem to be cut a bit differently.  They are slightly fuller than other plunges I think. I was wearing a very low cut shirt when I tried it on, and it was right at the line.  This wasn’t a problem though.

The 3-section cup bra really seems to be a 4-section cup bra.  One of these sections is a side support panel, but I noticed it wasn’t cut obnoxiously high.

Another super important element I would like to point out is that I have uneven breasts.  My right is bigger, however, it is not something that is noticeable until I get to bra fitting.  And somehow, when I continuously kept staring down at the bra, the top line seemed to go so perfectly symmetrical!

The underwire stops about a half inch before it reaches the top on the armpit sides (at least on the 36E).  I know a big complaint with ladies that are shorter are high underwires up to their armpits.  This is a feature that will be appreciated by many.

I didn’t mention the J-hook.  I haven’t even tried the J-hook yet on the Matilda.  This will allow for different body types to get a more customized fit.

The Elomi Matilda is a dream.  I can’t recommend it enough.

elomi matilda