The Fantasie Rebecca: Unexpected Surprises

I have been wearing the Fantasie Rebecca for a few weeks now and I thought I would share some interesting observations. This is not only about this bra but about bras in general.

Let’s go over the Fantasie Rebecca’s stats; it’s a spacer bra with molded cups (see my recent blog post on spacer bras if you are unfamiliar) that is full cup and seamless. Sizes range from 30-40 bands and D-H cups (UK sizing.  An H cup is equivalent to a US K cup). The available colors are black, white, red, nude, and a seasonal “Lagoon” which is a pretty bluish green.

The Fantasie Rebecca is one of the first full cup designs I have tried in quite awhile that worked for me.  There is some binding on the tops of the cups that may have contributed to getting a better fit (for me at least).  For a full cup bra, I think that the cups aren’t quite as high cut because I am able to wear shirts with it that I couldn’t get away with in other full cup designs.

Unexpected Minimizing Factor

While not a minimizer bra, the Rebecca definitely gave me a minimized look.  I know I am not alone in this, many have reported the Rebecca doing the same for them.  A less projected look was very apparent to me as soon as I put it on.

All the Things Spacer Bras are Good For

Spacer bras are simply seamless cups that are made from a super lightweight dual foam material.  This makes for the most breathable, comfortable bra cups ever.  They’re also a good way to get the rounded shape that a padded bra would provide, but without actually having to have any of the bulk a padded bra would have.  So therefore they make fabulous summer bras because they keep you cool, and a terrific look because you don’t have to worry about seams showing through your clothing.


The Rebecca makes a fabulous everyday bra for the following reasons:
  • breathable, comfortable wear
  • seamless design (works with tighter tops)
  • full cup (no cleavage)
  • minimizing look (good for confidence or clothing fit issues)
  • It’s got all the benefits of a padded bra, but it isn’t one