The Christmas Lingerie Gift List: Under £50

Do you fight to find the ideal Christmas gift for every individual? We know it can be a little tricky, especially if your budget is not the largest. Even more, doing all your Christmas shopping can be very stressful. Who’s the opportunity to go out searching for the right gift for that special person? We wish to make it as smooth as possible, so we have created a gift list with all the styles we like the most. These are our top picks, assemble within our UK Lingerie’s Christmas Lingerie Donation List to get a budget of up to #50. Ready?


A boudoir-inspired pair of lace gloves and eye mask
This gift box is more than a present. It is a fantastic treat for your partner. Outside, you obtain a luxury package, which consistently helps set the mood and create a good impression. Indoors, the most wonderful set of lace gloves expects, together with a seductive eye mask. We have eye masks.

Why buying a boudoir-inspired lingerie collection?

Why notright? Don’t they say Christmas is the time to glow?

Sparkle things are helped by lingerie up. With winter we’re sure that you’ll find the appropriate time to wear your pair of lingerie gloves and mask. Plus you can always update your lingerie collection with matching Aubade luxury lingerie in the future. Saint Valentine’s day is just two weeks away!

Get the look: Dreamgirl Sexy Santa Chemise With Matching Hat (#48)Isn’t the right time of the year to dress up as Sexy Santa? This is a version of the Christmas’ classic, in velvet with a flattering belt and a white fur trimming. It’s V neckline and short, making it naughtier and sexy, and it comes with a cute matching Santa hat.


The Christmas’ classic: A lovely PJ Set!

We know there is a pyjama collection intended to be one of these Christmas presents that are boring that are super, but hey, it’s one of those presents that update your disposition. Perhaps Christmas morning you won’t feel as a pyjama is exactly what you hoped , but believe us, once you’re watching your movie with all the popcorns and the blanket, everything feels complete if you put on a new cute PJ collection. True, right? We can not be! If you want to receive it right, navigate our pyjamas collection, including well-known brands, such as DKNY, Mimi Holliday’s silky beauties and Bluebella’s adorable nightwear fashions, like the amazing pyjama set in the image above.