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Formal Shirts It — if there ever was a time to be looking great from the waist up. Our collection of Patterned Formal Shirts come in a wide variety of colours and layouts to meet every man’s taste and taste and at 50% OFF, they’re an investment worth every cent. Crafted in 100% Cotton, create a bold statement or even liven up a conference call in one of our funky prints. Among our striped styles will be bound to tick your boxes if you want a look that is slightly more subtle. Organised a stay night? Pair among our formal tops with dark jeans and style points go to you. Shop Patterned shirts below.
Casual Shirts The germ has risen yet again as well as the sunshine is currently becoming a frequent occurrence each day. Rolling up the sleeves onto our shirts is now all too familiar. It is time to put money into some sleeve styles that’ll help keep you cool and your design on point throughout the entire weekend. With prices starting from just #19.99, our assortment of Casual Shirts are perfect additions to any person’s wardrobe. Specifically, this year we are loving the assortment of linen styles that will become your new best buddy as the weather gets (fingers crossed) better. Go to get casual with shorts and a look with jeans or cool and you can even coating up them using a t-shirt underneath. Give some serious shore storms in a tropical print – the bolder the better! Shop all Casual Shirts below.
Printed T-Shirts What more can we say? They are needed by everyone ! Printed T-Shirts are now announcement pieces and rather are becoming more than simply an everyday essential in recent years. Quite possibly the easiest thing you can layer them up or dress down them . If t-shirts are land and you prefer a look that is smarter, pair among our printed styles with a coat for a border. Where you can dress down in maximum relaxation, they are also excellent for days that are working. Our best picks this season are easy to use with minimal exertion. Shop Printed T-Shirts below.
Merino Blend Knitwear It can be getting warmer but evenings can get cold and there’s nothing like the weather to stop you in your tracks just as you get excited for the summer! That is why we always have a merino knit in our apparel for those occasions when you need it. They’re perfect to layer up with even a t-shirt or a shirt underneath. Additionally, the ultra-soft merino-mix jumpers are now 2 for #40 so it’s possible to double up for less! With a broad choice of colors to choose from, many of the designs will be bound to match with your current wardrobe. Shop all below.
Trousers Trousers are the 1 thing that we overlook or fail, but they are able to make just as much of an impact as top or a patterned shirt! Our latest stretch styles are super comfortable with a button as well as a hook and bar fastening on the waist band offering waist versatility that is greater — and all day comfort. Available in a range of colors and patterns, a pair of trousers will provide the finishing touch to an outfit. Save big now over 50% OFF! You can store all trousers below with prices starting from only #9.60.

Timeless and traditional, classic shirts should be the basis of your overall look

.You should also look for tops crafted from the finest materials in a fashion that fits in with your lifestyle although that usually means the fashion you choose should not just be tailored to perfection. Enter our center collection. Our heart collection range is that; core. It’s a collection of tops that the man of today must have in his or her wardrobe. Exquisite tailoring materials and quality craftsmanship feature providing the perfect focal point to every outfit. Hand our assortment of men shirts come in a wide variety of styles, colors and matches. At the forefront of innovation, we have been as a trusted British brand with 80 years at the shirt making business for a while. Our core assortment ranges from Non-Iron styles to our award-winning Paradigm Shirts in sizes 15″ to 23″ at varying price points to suit every budget. To assist you to find your desired look, we’ve explained what each and each style is.
Paradigm Look no farther than our Paradigm range for styling, all day comfort and luxury. A really high top to satisfy the demands of a modern business man. Our Paradigm tops are 100% Cotton nevertheless are non-iron — placing them apart from all others. Crafted from a Cotton twill cloth that is 100%, the tops feature a end that is deluxe, resulting in a luxuriously and trendy smooth texture. The Paradigm range is avoiding any skin irritation that may come from specific fabrics. The collection includes a wide variety of colors and in both double and single cuffs. Non-Iron Our selection of tops are the perfect answer for the on-the-go lifestyle of the man. Keep your office look with minimal time and effort and without any creases, wrinkles or fuss every morning you can forget about the iron. The Cotton Rich designs are smart and slick yet comfortable for following work socialising — and it’s going to stay immaculate. The range includes both long and short sleeve styles pair perfectly with our ties and to match any season or climate. Offered in an array of colours as well as staple black, white and blue, the styles will become your own go-to. Easy-Care The set that is Easy-Care is simple, comfortable and affordable. There is A classic Easy-Care Shirt a style staple for every wardrobe and the timeless design features exceptional quality as well as our expert fit. The range is stocked in a variety of popular colours and at a reasonable price that you can’t go wrong. Worn with a tie and formal trousers .
Tall Fit Our assortment of Tall Fit Shirts are suited for your gentleman that was taller. Adding length sleeves and a body that is longer, the styles will create an office look with an excellent fit. The styles may be worn with a tie and trousers to formal occasions or with jeans for a slightly more casual look. Offered in our sought-after colors, the range can be found up to a 23″ collar. Slim Fit Our Slim Fit tops may be much nearer fitting fashions, yet the quality remains the same. Slimmed down through the sleeve, across the back and throughout the torso, a Slim Fit top gives a modern silhouette and style for those who would rather have a fit. A front cuff and placket will accentuate your physique and create definition, and most definitely is a sartorial staple piece for the modern business person. Our Slim Fit range is offered in a range of patterns and colours to compliment your wardrobe.