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Are you brand new to the lingerie world? You may have questions, don’t you? Do not worry! In UK Lingerie, we have realised many folks would love to find out more about lingerie. How to select it, the way to purchase lingerie, how to take care of your bras and intimates, etc.. Do you have any lingerie questions you need help with? Here you’ve got the most ordinary lingerie queries answered. We intend to include any enquires you have, so, please, talk about our Lingerie Q&A with your contacts and don’t be afraid to comment!

What’s lingerie?

Lingerie is a type. While underwear and undies seems to be gender-neutral, lingerie is a phrase traditionally connected to women’s undergarments. The term is taken in the French linge, which means linen. The word was first used in English in 1922.


Lingerie is usually made of fine and lightweight fabrics, such as silk, lace, chiffon and, more lately, Lycra and, even, cotton. Women’s lingerie is decorated with lace, mesh bows and panels. Lingerie has evolved into something you can wear for pleasure, too while corsets, briefs and bras were understood as a garment. You watch a video and read more about how lingerie styles evolve here.

Different Kinds of lingerie
Briefs and bras will be the most frequent lingerie options. We’ve got countless bras, to match the shape, dimensions and, of course of every woman. There’s so much choice! It may look like it has always been around, but indeed, the bra has just been’a thing’ because the twenty century. Can you believe it?

Which are the most common types of bras?

A lot of people refer to briefs like bottoms, knickers or pants.

Most common types of briefs:

Maxi short
Regular brief, also called Italian short or bikini short
Thong brief or G-string short
Brazilian brief
Boxer brief
Corsets and basques
Corsets, bustiers and basques have been in vogue for longer than bras, despite the fact that these days they are the kind of lingerie styles you only wear because it’s pretty.


It’s called basques if they go all the way down your hips. Corsets support the waist, but you should wear your bra.

Garter straps and suspender straps
To be worn along with stockings and suspenders. Read our post here for ideas to rock your suspender seem .

Camisoles, Baby-dolls, and even, chemises, are in between lingerie and nightwear.

Perhaps you have forgotten any? We have an amazing lingerie glossary it is possible to check to find out the significance of each lingerie-related word you can consider. It includes several dozen terms that you may need help with, such as kinds of cups, cloths or, even all of the parts of a bra.