Summarize a collection of general knowledge of female underwear health.

On the one hand, women’s underwear brings beautiful and sexy to women, on the other hand, it also brings many unfavorable factors to women’s health. Good underwear can help women’s breast health, but bad underwear may cause great harm to women. Summing up a general knowledge of women’s underwear health.
Too small a cup is very harmful. When choosing girls beautiful underwear, there is an unwritten rule that Ning Da should not be small, but Ning Song should not matter. If the cup is too small, the breast will be tightened too tightly. This will cause the blood vessels and lymph tissue in the breast to be compressed, resulting in poor blood flow and blocked lymphatic circulation. In the long run, the breast will have such problems. Health has a very adverse effect.
The cup is too large, and the breast is easily deformed. When choosing underwear, the cup is too small. If the cup is too large, there are many adverse effects on the breast. For example, the cup is too large to provide the necessary support for the breasts, which may result in the breasts not receiving strong support, causing the breasts to deform, and causing a very adverse impact on the beauty and sexy of women.