The perfect match for swimwear and tops

Having a beautiful Bikinis Sets is the least respect for the beach and the beach, but if you think that you can only wear a bikini at the beach and by the pool, you are wrong. Now bikinis and swimwear are out of the street, This is the trend this year.

Now many fashionistas and travel bloggers have taken photos of seaside vacations. They put a cool blouse on the outside of the bikini. The blouse not only can protect the sun, but also shows beautiful legs; sharp weapon, this is the effect of wearing only a bikini Is completely different.


Wearing a lady Swimwear Cover Ups, this kind of collocation is for the foodies who have eaten for a year. The meat on the belly can be perfectly covered by the loose blouse, so that the combination of strengths and shortcomings can never be wrong.

If the swimsuit is an eye-catching weapon, then the smock is the “God protects the Dafa”. If you are a conservative Girl, the first time you wear the swimsuit is shy and embarrassed, the swimsuit can help you digest without a trace, making you confident and Beautiful walk on the beautiful sea.


For a cutie with a body shape of five to five, a swimsuit cannot give a visual aesthetic, but it is easy to make people feel short and without long legs. At this time, it is necessary to choose a long gauze blouse Lengthen the overall visual effect for you.